Play & Experience

From the files of 'Destination Polaris'

A television crew from the United States who came to Sussex to record our amazing trails and spread the word about what we have to offer.


From the files of 'Maritimer'

YouTube videos created by our # 1 fan who has posted many videos of the SVAT trails.


From the files of 'Mr. ATV'

YouTube videos created by our club Vice-President who has many posts of his adventures ATVing around the province of NB and beyond. Many of his videos are informative and highlight most of our club's main attractions. Check out his channel.



Here are some videos from one of our active club member and an executive of the club who enjoys the outdoors and the whole experience of ATVing and looking for new and exciting areas to discover


From the files of 'Trekkit tv'

SVAT has been fortunate to be involved in may projects involving TV crews who want to video our spectacular trails. The Trekkit TV crew are a New Brunswick based company that have been promoting the sport of ATVing in the Province. Here are a couple of videos that highlight our area.


From the files of 'Graham milner'

I joined the club in 2014 and started attending club events. One of the events I attended was the annual President's Run which happens on the May long weekend. This first video is my first attempt to create something that would show the trails and the fun we had exploring the area, Yes I was a newbie to the sport and running a GoPro 🙂