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Points of interest

"We believe that our Sussex trails have more points of interest than any other area in the province. You will not be disappointed."
- Graham Milner (President of Sussex Valley All-Terrain Club) -

With over 200 kms of managed trails and hundreds more kms of unmanaged trails, there will be adventures and experiences around every corner.

Wallace Falls

Located just a short walk off of Trail 3407, located on the Quiddy River, you will not be disappointed with this spectacular falls. At the bottom of the falls is a pool deep enough to swim in during those hot summer days.

Covered Bridges

This is one of three, ATV dedicated covered bridges that our club installed. They are all 182 cm (72 inches) wide. This particular bridge is located on trail # 3403 and we call it the 'Bunny Trail Bridge'.

Lookout Bluff

This lookout is located just off of our trail 3401 and shows a magnificent view of the valley below with the farms and mountains in the area.

Farm Experience

This part of trail 3401 meanders it way off one mountain and through an actual working dairy farm. The landowner doesn't mind us there as long as we respect the speed limit (20 kms/hr) and no stunting.

SVAT Poley Mountain Tower

Erected in 2019, our observation tower is located on trail # 3413 at the top of Poley Mountain Ski Resort. It stands 43 feet tall and gives a great 360 degree view of the surrounding valleys.

Trail Heads

Our club has three trail heads which each boast a large parking area for your vehicles and trailer and close to food and accommodations. This particular trail head is located at the start of our trail # 3401 located near the Timberland Motel and Restaurant.

Friars Nose

This is a small rock outcropping located on our trail # 3415. Not for the 'faint of heart' we do not recommend you drive up onto the 'nose' . There is limited parking at the base of the summit and a short but steep walk up. The view is well worth the effort.

Our Beautiful Trails

Fall is a great time to get out and experience our trails. Our small but dedicated team of volunteers work hard to keep the trails open and safe.

Explore Cemeteries

There are numerous old abandoned cemeteries located along our trail system. If you are into that kind of thing you will be happy to know that there are groups of people who work at identifying these areas and keeping them cleaned up. It is a learning experience to visit these site and read the tombstones.

Crowe Meadow Falls

Crowe Meadow Falls is an easy to access cascading waterfall located on our Trail # 3410. There is a nice parking area near the falls where you can stop, have a lunch and take a stroll to the falls. After a rain these falls are quite spectacular.

Comradery - Like-Minded Explorers

Let's not understate the importance of being together and exploring a region together. There are plenty of areas where you can pull over as a group and just relax and socialize. Fire up the BBQ, have a few laughs and enjoy your day - can there be anything better, I think not.

The Beaches

What a great experience to travel to an area and discover some isolated beaches located on the Bay of Fundy. Beat the crowds and make plans to visit

Londonderry Church

The Londonderry Church is located on the Old Shepody Road. They hold 1-2 church services there per year, It has a medium size graveyard next to it and the grounds are well kept.

Mary Pitcher Falls

Draining Mary Pitcher Lake to Big Salmon River, the brook drops 200m in just 1500m travelled forming countless waterfalls of varying sizes along the way. The falls on our new trail # 3416 are an awesome cascading falls, especially afer a large rain. Just before the falls there is a parking area with a very short hike to the falls.

Martin Head

Our list is incomplete without adding this little gem. Martin Head is the most requested destination we have in our area. Although the road to the 'Head' is not directly on our trails, if you follow Trail 3407 you will come to the Goose Creek Road which will take you to Martin head Beach. There is also another set of trails that the locals call the 'High Tide and Low Tide Trails. We recommend you have at least a medium skill level before attempting these two trails.

Alma & St Martins

Pictures can't do these two small communities justice. Both are fishing villages on the Bay of Fundy and are desired destinations for ATV groups. The trail to St Martins is well marked along our Trail # 18. The Alma trail is not on our trail system (yet) but there are unmanaged trails that will take you right into Alma. If you like sea food then in the summer, these two destinations are a must. Enjoy a days riding and great food.

Explore - Experience - Entertain

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘explore’ as: “travel in or through (an unfamiliar country or area) in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it.”¬† The Sussex Valley All-Terrain Club encourages you to come and explore our trails, experience our landmarks and entertain yourself¬† in our playgrounds.