Who We Are?

Our History

Sussex Valley All-Terrain is one of 57 ATV clubs in the New Brunswick Federation and in 2022 we boasted the largest membership in the province.

The Sussex Valley All-Terrain Club was started in the early 1990’s.  There were approximately twelve ATV enthusiasts that decided to get together to share their knowledge and passion for the sport.  In the beginning meetings were held in Brian Bronnum’s garage, to decide where and when we would be going. We got together as often as work would allow us, to explore the trails in the area and enjoy the camaraderie.
In the late 1990’s it was decided to incorporate to protect our executive and directors and at that time we joined the NB ATV Federation to help promote the sport. 

Club Accomplishments

SVAT is growing each year, not only in membership but in infrastructure and trail upgrades.

One of the club’s largest accomplishments was the Federation jamboree which we hosted in the early 2000’s for two years at Poley Mtn. The turn-out was beyond what anyone had expected with 1000+ bikes each day. Another major accomplishment was in 2014 preventing the Big Salmon River Bridge #2 from being demolished and repairing it so it is safe for ATV use.
One thing has remained constant over the years and that is the great group of volunteers that the Sussex club has to draw from when it comes to a big event or project. We have remained a relatively small club at just under 200 members at present (2012). Update: In 2016 we became one of the largest clubs in NB, with over 1150 members.
Currently we have a trail system in place around Adair’s Wilderness Lodge in the Shepody Area, as well as major feeder trails starting at the Timberland Motel in Penobsquis and at the Superstore in the western end of Sussex connecting to the Shepody trails.
Our focus is to maintain and expand our trail system, with the completion of our section of the provincial trail and the addition of some very exciting new trails in the very near future and above all promote safe and responsible use of ATVs.
In 2016 the provincial trail connecting to the trails of the Saint John Club was completed.
In 2017 a picnic site was added to the Bluff Lookout trail.
In 2018 a new trail 3412 was constructed to the top of Poley Mountain.
In 2019 two new trails, 3414 and 3415 were added to the system along with a 44 foot observation tower atop Poley Mountain. Also a picnic site was added to trail 3409 at Vniegar Hill.
2019 saw trail 3409 extended through Lower Cove Road, Route 121 and Main St to access the goods and services available on Lower Main St and Walmart. At this time the Gateway Mall is accessed by parking at Walmart and walking.
2020 was a large year for SVAT with the construction of the bridge at Falls Brook. This 80 foot span was the last the last part to linking our trails to those of the Saint John ATV Club.
2021 was a banner year for membership with 1523 total trail passes sold for our Club
2021 saw the start of a new trail which will connect us to Mary-Pitcher Falls – on going into 2022

Our Executive

PresidentGraham Milner
Vice-President – Aubrey Smith
Secretary – Bonnie Hourihan
Treasurer – Judy Milner

Our Directors

John ‘Corky’ Stevens
Allan Brown
Trevor Taber
Paul Taylor (Landowner Liaison)
Fred Liddle
Glen Stephens
Lothar Rupp